Class prices are based on how many classes a student has enrolled into. The more classes you enrol into, the greater the discount that will be applied to your account. Fees are per term, not based on weeks. Each additional class you enrol into reduces the overall cost per class as per discounted price. The details below simply state the amount of classes being taken and the price for the term. Each term will be the exact same amount all year. We also have a capped class price. There is an unlimited class price which is for the benefit of students doing 7 or more classes per week. Prices are GST inclusive.

2024 FEES

Classes per week

Term price before discount

Term price after discount




























This discounted price system excludes:

Saturday Strength & Skills ($175.00 per term) Performance Team ($200.00 per term)

Term length varies during the year, some will have more or less days than others due to public holidays, exams, concert rehearsals, etc. The term fee will remain the same regardless of amount of days in a term. Prices per term are charged on a whole term and not days within that term.

Students who enrol mid-term will be charged on a pro-rata basis. A registration fee is payable annually of $50 for the first student, $35 for the second, $25 for the third and $0 for all subsequent students. The registration fee is a non-refundable payment. Once a student has been enrolled and a spot secured in the class, you are responsible for all fees incurred for the entire term, including missed classes. Please read our Terms and Conditions for more information regarding fees.

* prices indicated here are subject to change. Please refer to your Dance Studio Pro account portal for up to date fees and charges.